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The Judgement and High Priestess Tarot Combination & 20/2 Tarot Birth Cards

The Judgement and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Love

The Judgement represents a turning point in your love life.

There can be a lot of different scenarios with this card, but there is always a theme of ‘’rebirth’’.

For some of you, rebirth can mean closing the old chapters for good. For others, it can mean a reviving a struggling relationship.

Your relationship might be tested with intense changes during this time. For example, you may uncover new things about yourself or your person during the Judgement moment. If it is a healthy relationship, it will survive.

The Judgement also talks about a big decision, possibly life changing.

Now is the time to evaluate your life carefully and figure out what your true needs and desires are. Let go of whatever is holding you back. If you feel stuck or confused in any way, know that things are about to change.

Which brings us to our next card. The High Priestess next to Judgement asks you to trust your intuition during this drastic transition.

Let your subconscious emotions rise to the surface. Tap into your divine feminine energy in order to manifest the outcome you desire. This means focusing on ''allowing'' and ''accepting'', rather than forcing things to happen.

The High Priestess can also be about secrets that are being kept in the connection. Pay attention to the signs around you.

For some of you, the Judgement and High Priestess tarot combination can show a past life connection.

When you ask about someone’s feelings for you and you draw the Judgement, it indicates that they are having a moment of realization. They are deeply analyzing their feelings in order to decide on what to do next. For exes, it can mean letting go of the past and starting a new chapter. With the High Priestess coming after it, it is very likely that they may choose to keep things to themselves until they are certain.

The Judgement and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Work/Money

The Judgement and High Priestess tarot combination can indicate a very significant transition period in which you are making big changes for your future. Some of you may even find their true calling during this time.

If you are not satisfied with your current work situation or finances, or if you are unsure about what steps to take- the Judgement is a moment of realization. Everything will be clear to you in the end, but things can get hard first before it gets better.

For example, some of you may lose a job before you get a better one. You may perhaps choose to change your life drastically- moving abroad, changing career paths, etc. So it is important that you don't hold on to any fears or past situations during this time.

In any case, major decisions await you. This is not a good time to act impatient or hasty. The Judgement and High Priestess combination has one clear message: Self reflection is necessary.

So if you are looking to make a big investment- evaluate things carefully.

With the High Priestess, there may be secrets or hidden motives around you. Make sure you uncover everything before you make a decision. If your gut instinct is warning you about someone or something- pay attention to it.

Alternatively, the High Priestess may represent someone who will aid you through the Judgement transition.

The Judgement and High Priestess (20/2) Tarot Birth Cards Meaning

With the Judgement and High Priestess tarot birth cards, you are an intuitive transformer.

Just like a snake who sheds its skin in order to grow larger, 20/2 life path is also meant to grow and change through many intense ‘’wake-up calls’’ throughout their life.

With the Judgement energy- transformations you go through in life shapes you into a wiser and more empowered version of you, while your intuitive awareness guides you every step of the way with the High Priestess.

No matter how hard these changes might be, know that they are taking you closer to your soul purpose in this lifetime, which is finding your true calling in life.

If you are afraid of showing your authentic self to the world, or if you are trapping yourself in limited, negative beliefs- it is time to come out of your shell.

The High Priestess energy is sacred, intuitive, and curious. It is an aspect of the divine feminine.

With this tarot birth card, you may be subconsciously attracted to anything unknown and mysterious. Some of you may also be intuitive empaths, possess the gift of psychic insight and precognitive dreams.

You just have a sense of knowing within. It is hard to fool you- You feel when people are being dishonest to you.

With the 20/2 life path, you might frequently experience inner dilemmas. For example, your High Priestess nature might be shy, private or reserved- but the Judgement part of you wants to be seen and recognized.

You will feel most satisfied and successful in life once you reach your inner awakening. As the Judgement and High Priestess life path, you can do so by:

-Tapping into your divine feminine energy,

-Letting go of the things that don’t serve you and shedding your old skin,

-Conquering your fears,

-Trusting your gut,

-And most importantly, empowering yourself through every transformation.

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