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The Star and Strength Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 17/8 Tarot Birth Cards

The Star and Strength Tarot Combination in Love

If you have been going through a rough patch in your love life, feeling lonely, hurt, heartbroken or hopeless- the Star and Strength combination in your tarot reading is a message to just hang in there. You will make it to the other side of this hard times.

This is a point of transition. It can be a process of recovery from a past hurt or a beginning of a new relationship, but what’s most important is that you don’t lose your strength and faith at this time.

The Star and Strength together advise you to take a look at your relationship with yourself as well. The more you love yourself, the more you let the universe know that you deserve better.

Stand up for yourself if you need to. Remain calm and patient, and nurture your self worth. This is how you will attract better relationships.

The Star is also a card of wish fulfillment and pleasant surprises. In this case, this combination says that you can manifest the outcome you desire (the Star), if you find the balance within you (the Strength).

The Star is a hopeful time to meet new people, as well as reconciliation and reunion. So if you are asking about an ex, it may be a sign of forgiveness.

If you are already in a fulfilling relationship, this combination affirms that things are about to get even better.

The Star and Strength as feelings of someone indicates that they are hopeful about this connection with the Star, but with the Strength card, they may choose to hold themselves back from expressing their emotions.

Alternatively, the Star and Strength tarot combination in astrology can represent Aquarius and Leo placements. It can also represent someone with the Star-Strength tarot birth cards (see below).

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The Star and Strength Tarot Combination in Work/Money

You may see this combination during a time of important change, or while you are expecting one. Regardless, there is a clear message: Don’t give up on your dreams!

In terms of work, education and finances, the Star card generally brings good prospects, ideas and opportunities. But all this will require your patience and faith, as things may evolve slowly.

On the other hand, pleasant opportunities may come out of the blue. Don’t ignore them!

The Strength card rewards hard work, especially the work you did on improving yourself. If you have worked on your skills as well as self confidence and discipline, your hard work is going to pay off. Whether you wish for a raise, promotion, recognition or a fresh start with the Star card, the message with the Strength is to believe in yourself. Perseverance will bring confidence, and eventually success.

It is also a good time to work on your creative pursuits.

If you experienced a financial loss or things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, the Star and Strength is a period of recovery. This is not a time to dwell on the past. Don’t let your emotions control you. Focus on what you exactly want to manifest for the future and go for it.

The Star and Strength Tarot Combination in Health

If you are in the process of recovery, as the card of healing and nourishment- the Star brings hopeful news in all health-related issues. Just remain positive, take good care of yourself and have faith in your healing.

The Strength affirms this positive message. This is an especially great card if you are already working towards a health goal. Even if the results you are expecting is coming gradually, appreciate the good things, big or small.

The Star and Strength (17/8) Tarot Birth Cards Explained

As the Star-Strength or 17/8 archetype, you are both a dreamer and a warrior.

Your biggest source of strength is that inner passion and willpower burning within you. You are a naturally confident and inspiring person, but you may not relate to this description of yourself if you haven’t done your inner work yet.

Your true strength becomes apparent through overcoming adversities in life, and the Star-Strength people generally go through a lot in order to build that resilience.

When you find the courage to take on the challenges, when you feel worthy of what you desire, when you find safety and support within you regardless of circumstances- that’s when you will tap into the Strength energy.

With the Star card, one of your spiritual purposes is to bring hope and healing to others once you fully embrace your own power.

You have strong values and ideals in life, but sometimes you can expect too much of yourself. When you know what you want, you may get too stubborn at times. This is why it is important to tame your emotions and passions. Learn to pace yourself- cool and calm is the way to go.

Overall, the Star-Strength (17/8) lifetime starts with full of untapped potential, and it is up to you to bring those to life. You can do so by:

-Accepting your emotions as they come, and learning to control and express them in a healthy way.

-Loving and embracing your authentic self, without judgement.

-Accepting mistakes and nurturing resilience as they help you grow,

-Connecting with nature and your spirituality,

-And most importantly, never giving up on your dreams or yourself.

The Star and Strength Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 17/8 Tarot Birth Cards by



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