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The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 11/2 Tarot Birth Cards

There are many ‘’hidden’’ correlations between these cards.

High Priestess sits between two pillars marked with the letters B and J (which stands for Boaz and Jachin in the fabled Solomon’s Temple). Similar pillars are shown in the Justice card.

According to esoterical symbolism, these two pillars stand for opposing nature of the universe- masculine and feminine, yin and yang, dark and light, etc. Additionally, twin pillars act as a portal to mysteries and wisdom, found at the gate of sacred places.

Both cards also symbolize the concept of harmony. Justice is the universal order that maintains the equilibrium between these opposing forces. The High Priestess is about finding harmony in stillness, going within.

The Justice energy is rational and active, whereas the High Priestess is intuitive and passive- but they both reach to the same destination. Therefore, the Justice and High Priestess tarot combination is all about a journey to seek truth and balance, and it all starts within you.

Let's explore this in detail:

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Astrology

Symbolical of zodiac sign Libra- The Justice card represents order and equilibrium.

The High Priestess card is connected to the astrological Moon- planet of intuition and emotions. She represents the inner wisdom of the divine feminine.

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Numerology

Number 11 (the Justice) is the first of the master numbers. It represents enlightenment and intuition.

High Priestess is symbolized by the energy of number 2 which is about harmony, duality and balance.

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 11/2 Tarot Birth Cards by

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Love

This combination can have many different interpretations depending on the context of your reading and the rest of the spread.

First of all, having two or more major arcana cards in your love reading can suggest a karmic experience. In addition to this, the Justice card symbolizes law of karma.

For some of you, the Justice can also show a twin flame/soulmate connection or marriage as number 11 is associated with twin flames. High Priestess, as a card of duality and harmony can also support this interpretation. If you keep drawing Justice card over and over again, or seeing the number 11 everywhere, it may be a sign. If you are interested in Twin Flames, you may also like this article: Tarot Guide of Twin Flames: 16 Cards That May Surprise You

Regardless, the Justice is about truth and order. With this card, you will reap exactly what you sow in your relationships. If you had been treated unfairly, karma will hit them back. Dishonesty will be met with truth. If you are trying to resolve some past issues, scales will balance in the end.

If you are about to make an important decision in your love life, the Justice tells you to be honest to yourself and others.

Things get a little tricky with our next card. The High Priestess is shrouded in mystery. Instead of giving you a clear answer, she says: “Tap into your intuition. Look at the signals all around you. Pay attention to your dreams. You already know the answer.”

For some of you, the High Priestess can point to hidden truths in your love life. Perhaps someone is keeping you in the dark about their true feelings. Or perhaps, there is an intuitive soul connection that is hard to put into words. Again, you know the answer within.

High Priestess is also about two opposing forces unifying in harmony. Therefore, it can indicate ‘’opposites attract’’ idea in relationships.

Overall, with the mysterious Justice and High Priestess combination, you are advised to seek harmony and truth in your love life. This is not a good time to rush into things: Remain patient and still, let things unfold on its own time.

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Work/Money

The Justice card in work/money readings is generally a good sign. Balance, integrity and work ethic are the keywords here. It is all about getting what you deserve: If you keep on the straight and narrow and follow fair business practices, you will be rewarded accordingly.

When you draw this card, take responsibility of your actions. When you are faced with an important decision, weigh up the pros and cons carefully. Plan a budget and balance your finances.

Additionally, the Justice card can talk about legal matters and contracts. If you had been on the right side of the law, you will receive a fair outcome.

Both Justice and High Priestess suggest that you may also choose to partner up with someone at this time. With these cards, two opposing ideas or people are coming together to create a new balance.

With the High Priestess, this is a good time to follow your instincts and inspirations. If you have a desire to improve on your skills or attain higher education, this card says go for it. Alternatively, you may be working in the areas of healing, spirituality, teaching and arts; or have a desire to do so.

Another meaning of the High Priestess is secrecy, so you need to be careful about who you trust. Don’t make big financial decisions until you know all the facts. Trust your gut instinct.

The Justice and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Health

The Justice is generally a sign of balance being restored. If you are investing in your health by making healthy choices, you can expect good results. Try to evaluate and cut out things from your lifestyle that are harmful to you.

As a symbol of lunar cycles, the High Priestess tarot card can point to feminine health such as pregnancy, fertility and menstruation in a health reading.

The Justice and High Priestess (11/2) Tarot Birth Cards Explained

As Justice and High Priestess life path, you are an equalizing force. This may be hard to notice as first, as most of your gifts will develop later in life once you start your spiritual journey.

With the High Priestess energy, you are incredibly intuitive and empathetic. There is an inner knowing within you, which can sometimes come through your dreams or as an intuitive hit. Your natural curiosity compels you to dive deep into mysteries of existence, spirituality, occult, etc.

But with the Justice, your mind follows reason and logic. Most people with this tarot birth card are very sensitive to injustice around them. They want to get to the bottom of the truth; however ugly the truth may be. Combined with their High Priestess intuition, they see through people’s façade easily.

Since the Justice card is represented by Libra zodiac sign, relationships are a significant part of your spiritual journey. There is a yearning to build deep, soulful connections, to become one. You care deeply about others, it is natural for you to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

However, some people you encounter may not show the same kindness, honesty or respect you give to them. If this is the case, your birth card Justice is urging you to set some healthy boundaries. To get what you need, give people what they deserve.

Overall, the theme of this life is to find a sense of balance between your heart and mind and then, help those around you.

As a Justice and High Priestess life path, you can do this by:

-Honoring your divine feminine qualities,

-Setting healthy boundaries in relationships,

-Nurturing and protecting your energy first,

-Develop your decision-making skills,

-Acting in a way you know to be right and kind.

-And lastly, sharing your wisdom with others.


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