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The Temperance and Hierophant Tarot Combination & 14/5 Tarot Birth Cards

The Temperance and Hierophant Tarot Combination  in Love, Work, Money, Health& 14/5 Tarot Birth Cards Explained by

Both the Temperance (14th) and Hierophant (5th) share the energy of number 5, which represents change, balance and adaptability.

In astrology, the Temperance is represented by Sagittarius. This energy is flexible, curious, passionate and expansive.

Taurus zodiac sign matches the Hierophant tarot card, which is a zodiac sign known for its grounded, head-strong and sturdy nature.

The Temperance card talks about an alchemical process of blending, mixing and configuring diverse elements in life in order to find the perfect ratio.

The Temperance energy focuses on the journey rather than the outcome. Finding the perfect balance is a road of trial and error, so you need adaptability to be able to handle changes better, cooperation to learn different opinions, and patience to go through it all despite the difficulties.

Additionally, when you look at the Major Arcana cards, you will notice the Temperance sits right between the Death and the Devil.

This means that with the Temperance, we take a moment to find our balance again after a major life transition that the Death symbolizes.

Both the Temperance and Hierophant have a common goal of balance and order. Temperance is the balance in flow of life and nature, the Hierophant is the balance in structure.

The Hierophant in Tarot often gets a very bad rep. He is mostly depicted as a symbol of rigid conformity and patriarchy. The original role of the Hierophant is a teacher, a figure who brings wisdom and structure- but he can have many faces in society. The Hierophant can symbolize tradition, religion, norms and laws, institutions, etc- anything that represents established order.

The Temperance and Hierophant Tarot Combination in Love

The Temperance perfectly represents alchemy of love.

Just like alchemy- love transforms, challenges and binds. So the Temperance will have different meanings depending on which alchemical process you are going through.

For some of you, the Temperance will be about transforming:

If there are some past lessons you need to integrate, or you experienced a loss, heartbreak or separation in your love life, the Temperance most likely represents a time of healing for you.

When you receive this card, take a look at how you are investing your energy in your relationships. The Temperance is all about finding the perfect ratio. Is there anything off balance in your life? Are you giving more time, emotion and focus than you take? Do you invest in self love as much as you invest in others?

For others, the Temperance will be about synthesis:

With this alchemical process, different elements are coming into a whole. In this case, the Temperance in your reading might be a sign of soulmates, or a romantic union of opposites.

For example, you may be coming from different cultures or backgrounds, perhaps just different personalities- but you make a stronger union as one, despite those differences.

In love readings, the Hierophant is often seen as a card of marriage and commitment.

There are many cards that indicate marriage in Tarot, if you are interested, you can read it here: 13 Tarot Cards that Predict Marriage

What makes it different from other marriage cards is that the Hierophant doesn’t have a romantic theme. It favors traditional values such as security, trust and loyalty instead.

If you are a non traditional person who values freedom over commitment, the Hierophant may not be the card for you.

But you if you are looking for a secure, stable, long term connection, this is a really good sign.

Since both cards represent spiritual unions, the Temperance and Hierophant tarot combination in a love reading can represent a stable, long term relationship, wedding ceremonies, soulmates, marriage or reconciliation.

There is also an element of patience with Temperance and Hierophant- so take your time before you make an important decision. Let things flow naturally. Trust the divine timing.

If you are asking about someone’s feelings for you, and you draw the Temperance, this suggests that they blend well with you, spiritually, mentally and emotionally- despite the differences.

The Hierophant as feelings indicate that they want to do things in a conventional way with you. Even though it is not romantic a card, the Hierophant shows good faith and loyalty.

The Temperance and Hierophant Tarot Combination in Work/Money

In general, the Temperance brings a harmonious flow to your work and finances. During this time, collaborating with others, exchanging ideas, chanelling your creativity are all encouraged.

This card tells us that success comes from moderation, adaptability and patience. Don’t be afraid to change things if they are not working for you.

If you had been overworking or stressed lately, the Temperance in future position is a sign that you are going to improve your work-life balance.

When you draw the Temperance and Hierophant combination- it is time to think about your long term goals and commitments.

When it comes to money, this combination tells you to practice self control by tracking your spending, making a plan to pay off your debts, and setting future financial goals.

The Hierophant may also indicate working in a family job, corporation or an institution. It is generally seen as a sign of security in finances. Alternatively, you may be getting an advice from a mentor, or you may be mentoring others.

The Hierophant tells you that this is probably not a good time for liability risks or alternative investments, so stick with the conventional ways to make money.

The Temperance and Hierophant Tarot Combination in Health

Moderation is key to overall wellbeing: The Temperance represents slow and steady healing process, so you need to remain patient and positive if you are waiting to see results. In order to improve your health, think about how you can create balance in all areas of your life.

The Hierophant points to the benefits of self-control and self-discipline. Try to build healthy habits or rituals in your daily life that you can follow without feeling overwhelmed. One small step at a time. If you have a health problem, the advice here is to follow conventional methods of healing.

The Temperance and Hierophant (14/5) Tarot Birth Cards Meaning

Theme for the 14/5 lifetime is to bring balance to the contrast between the Temperance and Hierophant energies.

While the Temperance energy seeks freedom, independence and change, the Hierophant favors structure, established order and tradition.

Most people with the Temperance tarot birth card love learning new things. They are always curious about other cultures, philosophies, and people.

Due to their studious nature, they may choose to work in academia, politics or history.

Temperance and Hierophant people often goes through big shifts in their beliefs and values. This is because their Temperance nature is all about thinking outside the box, while the Hierophant is about fitting in the box.

If you are in your Temperance energy, you will question tradition, challenge authority, or reject societal norms. If you are in your Hierophant energy, you will focus on slow and steady progress in life, while respecting the conformity and morality.

Both paths will lead you to finding your wisdom in the end. Temperance and Hierophant life path is very inspirational and unique- you may even become a mentor or a role model for others once you mastered your path.

For this to happen, you can:

-Work on your patience,

-Adapt to changes when necessary,

-Find a balance between your extremes,

-Learn moderation and self control.

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