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Eros-Venus Aspects in Synastry: Conjunction, trine, sextile, square and opposition

A little bit about Eros mythology:

Eros is a god of love and desire in Greek mythology. In some sources, he is represented as the son of Aphrodite and Ares- also known as Venus and Mars in Roman.

Eros is not just a god of carnal love, however- he is also linked to procreation. Earlier texts depict him as a primordial deity.

You may also know Eros with his Roman name- Cupid.

Eros is most commonly represented as a beautiful boy with bow and arrows which he uses to incite desire in anyone he shoots.

He has a very famous love story as well. One time, his mother Aphrodite was very jealous of the beauty of a mortal woman, so she sent Eros on a quest- commanding him to make her fall in love with the most hideous creature on Earth. Then, he pricked himself with his own arrow and his love story begun with this beautiful woman, named Psyche.

Eros and Venus Connection in Synastry

Both asteroid Eros and planet Venus symbolizes love in Astrology- but with some differences, mainly related to their gender roles.

Eros is the male personification of sexual desire. Venus, or Aphrodite is the ideal of female beauty- a goddess of love and pleasure. In their nature, Eros eroticizes and Venus romanticizes.

Therefore, an aspect between a woman’s Venus and a man’s Eros can symbolize a yin-yang dynamic in synastry.

However, this is not to say that it doesn’t work between a man’s Venus and woman’s Eros, or same gender relationships. Regardless of genders, we all have feminine and masculine energy in our bodies, so it applies to everyone.

Eros-Venus Aspects in Synastry: conjunction, trine,sextile, square and opposition

Eros-Venus Aspects in Synastry

Eros conjunct Venus in Synastry:

In romantic relationships, Eros conjunct Venus manifests itself as a strong magnetic attraction. Sparks of passion are initially felt on a superficial level- meaning, it can be just based on the looks and the fun they have together.

There is a potential for this energy to develop into something deeper, which can be looked at the rest of the synastry chart.

Generally speaking, Eros person feels this aspect more. Venus ignites the fire within them. There is a strong desire to be close- physically, intimately.

With Venus-Eros conjunction, there can also be some similarities in their love languages as well as their understanding of pleasure. If Venus person feels comfortable with the sexual attention they receive from Eros, eroticism can turn into romance.

In plutonic relationships, Eros conjunct Venus in synastry can be about boosted creativity. Gentle and warm Venusian energy draws Eros person closer to them. Fun and pleasure blossoms whenever they connect.

If Venus and Eros are harshly aspected or immature, there can be some issues of jealousy, superficiality and overindulgence in this connection.

Eros trine/sextile Venus in Synastry:

Trines and sextiles are known as some of the most harmonious aspects in synastry.

Just like the conjunction, these aspects are still very passionate, but with some of the sexual intensity gone, there is usually more room for developing deeper emotions.

Eros trine/sextile Venus means that energies of the feminine (Venus) and the masculine (Eros) flow easily between partners, therefore it enhances their cooperation. Together, they can create something beautiful and meaningful.

Eros square Venus in Synastry:

Square is a difficult aspect in astrology. With Eros square Venus in a synastry chart, passion can quickly turn into tension and discord.

There can be issues in compatibility. Eros person’s understanding of romance may clash with Venus person’s desires and needs. Partners may be outside of their ‘’ideal’’ type for each other, or they may struggle with finding a common ground, despite the sexual attraction between them.

However, Eros square Venus in synastry is not a dealbreaker aspect. For example, if there is good communication in the relationship (indicated mainly by harmonious Mercury aspects in synastry), these issues can be solved by putting more effort on listening to each other’s love language.

Eros opposite Venus in Synastry:

This synastry aspect shows that Eros- representing the masculine sexual energies and feminine planet of love, Venus sits at the opposite sides. How this manifests itself in the relationship depends on the rest of the synastry chart.

With Eros opposite Venus in synastry, there is an intense sexual tension- mostly felt by Eros person. Opposition may also indicate different perspectives in love and sex, which can complicate things if there is not a strong foundation in the relationship. It can also add to the excitement for some.

But generally speaking, Eros opposite Venus aspect is like a game of push and pull for most, swinging between happy and distant until they find a common ground.

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