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The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Health

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” Benjamin Disraeli

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Health, Astrology and More

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Astrology

Astrological planet associated with Tower Tarot card is Mars because of the similar energies they represent- fire, destruction and force. The World card is surrounded by four fixed signs of the zodiac (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo) and it is generally believed to represent Saturn.

Therefore this combination has a Mars conjunct Saturn energy, which shows strong determination to bring a significant change.

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Numerology

Let’s look at their numerology. Tower card’s number is 21, and World is 16. Together their combination represents the energy of number 10 (21+16=37 , 3+7=10) which is a sign of completion and new beginnings.

Can the Tower Tarot card be positive?

The Tower is infamously known as one of the most negative cards in Tarot. If you are also alarmed by it, I’d like to offer you a new perspective today.

We all know that the Tower card represents an inevitable upheaval. While this is true, it also brings a second chance to start over again.

The Tower card doesn’t have to be viewed as something evil and negative all the time. When we lose our track in life, it can be a force of destiny that puts us where we need to be. It can lead us to a brighter future, especially when it is paired with our next card- The World.

What does the World Tarot card represent?

The World card is exactly what you want to see next to the Tower- it is a sign that all the hardships that the Tower brought is coming to an end. It represents life changing new beginnings.

As you leave the Tower behind and move into the World energy, you are no longer fixated on the pain- you start to see the bigger picture and feel hopeful again.

Now that you finished this cycle, you can start over again with the lessons you learned from the Tower.

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Love

The Tower in your love reading represents a painful situation in your life. Whether you are going through a breakup, dealing with a loss, or feeling lonely and hopeless, this is all about to change with the World.

Because they are Major Arcana cards, they both represent destined events. During the Tower moment, you may have felt that the world is coming crashing down on you, like there is no hope. The World is bringing you new opportunities that you couldn’t even imagine.

The Tower and World tarot combination is urging you to focus on the future. Don’t dwell on the Tower moment for too long, instead accept your losses and have faith in the universe. With the World card in your reading, you can now manifest exactly what you need in your love life.

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Work and Money

Couple of different scenarios are possible with the Tower card in your work reading: You could be feeling stuck in a job you hate, dealing with a financial loss or you may feel forced in a tough situation.

Whatever the case is, they are all leading to a positive change with the World. Previous hardships are coming to an end, and now it is time to focus on what you want to manifest.

When the World energy arrives, don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities even if they seem scary at first. And most importantly, don’t dwell on what you have lost.

The Tower and World Tarot Combination in Health

The Tower may represent a period of pain, sickness, or negativity in your health reading. The good news is this is all coming to an end with the World card.

The Tower and World together is a true transformation in your wellbeing. But in order to achieve it, the Tower suggests that you need to make some healthy changes in your life.


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