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13 Tarot Cards That Predict Marriage

Note: These cards are not in a particular order and there can be more cards/combinations that can predict marriage in a tarot reading.

hierophant tarot card

Hierophant can be considered as the card of holy matrimony, therefore it is a symbol of union in Tarot. Another meaning of the card is conforming to the sociatal expectations.

It can represent being involved with a traditional partner, getting married or attending a wedding.

On the other hand, Some readers dont like to see Hierophant in love readings because it has an element of rigidity and conformism.

If the overall reading is negative, Hierophant may represent feeling constrained in a commitment.

Number 5 is associated with freedom and change.

lovers tarot card

The Lovers card’s theme is union of duality, and the Rider-Waite deck illustrates this with a depiction of Adam and Eve story.

The Lovers card most frequently symbolizes harmony, love and cooperation between two people. It is about coming together with another person to pursue a common goal.

In a love reading, whether it indicates strong communication, physical attraction or a soulmate, love is surely present in your life. You are infatuated by one another. Perhaps even though you just met, you feel like you know each other for a long time. Since the card’s general theme is ‘’union of two’’, we can talk about marriage, engagement and new relationships here.

If the overall reading is negative or Lovers is in reversed position, one of you may be choosing path of avoidance rather than being direct and honest, or your life views are too different from each other. In order to turn this card upright, don’t get caught up in emotional flare-ups. First understand where you stand in your relationship, what works for you and what doesn’t. If you are single- you may be too caught up in the past at this time.

Number 6 represents balance, love and union.

justice tarot card

In many ways, the Justice card is interlinked with Maat. In Ancient Egypt, Maat was the goddess who symbolized concepts of morality, order, justice and fairness. She is also seen wearing a red robe as a symbol of wisdom. To this day, we see judicial attire in red – such as high court judges in crimson robes.

Since this card is about laws, marriage contract or legalities can also be indicated. When interpreted as someone’s feelings, the Justice represents fairness and compassion.

If the overall reading is negative or justice is in reversed,it may indicate disharmony or divorce. Take a step back to figure out what’s causing the imbalance, and what’s your role in it. If you are being treated unfairly, you need to acknowledge the issues in your relationship instead of being in denial. If you are searching for love, the advice is to first assess yourself objectively and honestly. This will help you avoid the repeating patterns of the past relationships.

Number 11 is a master number, representing awareness, enlightenment and wisdom.

empress tarot card

The Empress’s astral ruler is Venus. Planet of beauty and love certainly offers a blessing in love related readings. It speaks of a time you feel more attractive and passionate. Your connection with your significant other gets stronger and more harmonious.

You can expect a romantic gesture, surprise or proposal! This card is all about expressions of affection, love, caring and passion. So, if you are single, probably not for long!

Number 3 represents harmony, home and union.

The Sun

sun tarot card

The Sun card represents a time of love, harmony and joy in your relationship. In future position, previous problems, obstacles and heartbreaks will be resolved through honesty and openness.

It is also a card of celebrations and ceremonies, such as an engagement, pregnancy or marriage. If you are single, the Sun gives you an extra boost of confidence, charm and positivity. People are drawn to your beautiful energy. As feelings of someone, they see you as their ‘Sun’. You are uplifting their spirits and they find you magnetic and fun!

The Sun is not only the most positive card in the deck, it’s presence also illuminates other cards in the spread. When together with this card, the negative effects of other cards are often reduced. In reversed position, it is still a very positive card. Usually this reversal means there is still a bit more work to do before you receive the full effects of the Sun.

Number 19 - which is reduced to 1, represents achievements, strength and independence.

ace of cups tarot card

The Ace of Cups is the birth of love. Since the cup resembles a womb, it can also herald childbirth, fertility and pregnancy. It indicates unfolding of a new, exciting relationship that may possibly turn into a marriage/union.

If the overall reading is negative or Ace of Cups is reversed, remember that by accepting yourself for who you truly are; you will release the emotional blocks, old wounds and thought patterns that no longer serves you. Whether what you are going through is an unrequited love, breakup or doubt for the future; healing is what you need and deserve. You deserve love, right now, including your own.

Number 1 represents manifestation, creation and newness.

ten of cups tarot card

Ten of Cups is one of the best cards to receive in love readings.

As seen in the imagery, the Ten of Cups is also highly associated with family, marriage and children.

It represents a place or a person that you call home. It is about experiencing abundance of peace and joy in your personal relationships, with a loving partner by your side.

If the overall reading is negative or Ten of Cups is in reversed position, this may indicate some sort of disharmony in love life. But it is such a positive card that I usually interpret this as a temporary issue (unless it is paired with cards such as the Tower, Judgement,Death etc).

Number 10 represents completion and new beginnings.

two of cups tarot card

In a ceremonial event, a couple is switching their cups, which is a traditional ritual in some cultures as means of pledging loyalty. Between them the caduceus of Hermes spirals down; an ancient symbol of wisdom, negotiation and trade. And when their cups meet, two hearts become one.

The Two of Cups depicts soulmates. If you are in a relationship, it shows mutual respect, support and love which continually grows in harmony. Marriage, engagement or childbirth are all very possible.

If you are single, it is very likely that you are going to make a connection that has potential to become a long lasting, loving relationship.

If the overall reading is negative or Two of Cups is in reversed position, it can sometimes indicate falling out of love, co-dependency, break ups or arguments. In your relationship, you may feel disconnected to your partner.

Number 2 represents union.

three of cups tarot card

Celebrations, parties & special occasions are what the Three of Cups mainly talks about. Birthdays, weddings, family get togethers, graduations or baby showers are some of the examples to this.

In more detail, the Three of Cups represents completing a significant achievement, collaborative creativity or birth of something positive. You may be harmoniously working together towards a common goal or a charitable cause with others. Whatever the case is, expect great happiness, success and meaningful connections that will last long and grow more.

If the overall reading is negative or 3 of cups is in reverse position, it may represent a love triangle or a third party interfering in the relationship. Alternatively, a planned celebration such as a wedding may be delayed.

Number 3 represents creation, collaboration and harmony.

four of wands tarot card

The Four of Wands can be about fresh starts as well as a long-awaited victory. Because the card highlights the harmony in personal relationships and home, it can be interpreted as long-awaited return of someone dear, going home, uniting family members, marriage and expecting a baby.

4 of wands is also seen by many readers as a soulmate indicator.

Number 4 represents foundations, home and long-term plans.

the world tarot card

The World card brings abundance of joy, deeper connections, commitments and new relationships. Ties to the past and unclosed chapters will come to a conclusion, you will find closure, hope and resolve you had been waiting for. You may decide to take your relationship to the next level with a marriage, engagement etc. Karmic or long-distance relationships are also highly indicated here. The World also speaks about endings- so if you are in a situation that is no longer working out for you, you need to complete the cycle and be open to the new.

​If the overall reading is negative or world card is in reversed

The World in reversed often puts your love life into a re-evaluation stage. It may be that your relationship is stagnating, you are not able to move on from the past or you may be asking yourself if this is truly what you want and deserve. Try to see the big picture here. You need to trust the divine timing and let it go. Trust that universe will bring your wish to you when you need it. In the meantime, stay open hearted to the possibility of a new love.

By combining the opposite nature of 2 and 1, we reach the number 21; which represents transformation and balance.

ten of pentacles tarot card

More often than not, the Ten of Pentacles highlights the matters of family and home. It can suggest that you are highly involved in deepening the roots of your personal relationships at this time. This could mean buying a new home, having a large family, spending more time with your loved ones or marriage.

If you are planning about a long-term commitment with your partner such as marriage, having a baby or buying a home, this card is very favorable. If you are single person with a desire for a deeper, more meaningful relationship, soon you will be able to experience it​.

Number 10 represents completion, fulfillment and new potentials.

the devil tarot card

The reason why I add the Devil in this list is, in love and marriage readings, I sometimes see the Devil card when there are addictions, unhealthy attachments, codependency or perhaps abuse present in a relationship.

It can also relate to karmic connections that need to be resolved.

Overall if you receive the Devil card while asking for marriage, now it is time for you to establish your boundaries, needs and desires: And if someone is not respecting those, it may be time to let go. Even if you have to make a heartbreaking choice, don’t let your emotions cloud your best judgement.

Number 15 represents ambition, independence and energetic nature.


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