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10 Tarot Cards That Indicate Cheating

10 Tarot Cards That Indicate Cheating

When love gets confusing, Tarot can reveal a lot about driving motivations, true feelings as well as secrets and infidelity in a relationship.

Exposing a liar or a cheater in Tarot requires a bit of a detective work. Some cards are more telling than the others like the Seven of Swords, but most of them are not a clear symbol of cheating, therefore you need a deep understanding of Tarot cards.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to fixate on one card alone. Pay attention to combinations and the whole reading in order to understand the situation better. Although uncommon, even the Lovers card can be a sign of cheating in certain readings and situations.

When you ask the question “Is my partner cheating on me?’’, the following tarot cards may be a warning sign of some underhanded deeds.

So what does the 7 of Swords represent? Deception, sneakiness and betrayal. This card is most likely a warning that something is going on behind your back and you need to be careful.

Seven of Swords is a negative card in its essence, so even when it is paired with traditionally positive cards like the Lovers, it can indicate problems like cheating or lies in the relationship. If you are interested, you can read more about the Lovers and Seven of Swords Tarot Combination here.

The Moon in Tarot symbolizes intuition and emotions, but there is also a dark side: Secrets, confusion and deception.

Even though the Moon by itself is not a clear indication of cheating in love readings, it can talk about something being kept in the dark.

It is a mysterious and elusive card. Sometimes with the Moon, people can hide their true emotions out of fear or anxiety. So you can get a better understanding about what the Moon is telling you when it is in combination with other cards.

Let’s say you asked to Tarot cards whether or not your partner is cheating on you and you received the Moon and Magician reversed. This combination is most likely a sign of deceit and manipulation, as the Magician in reversed shows that their actions are deliberate and selfish.

The Moon and Judgement Tarot Combination may talk about someone revealing a secret, or their true feelings.

Two of Pentacles shows a man juggling two large coins in his hands, trying to find a balance. The act of juggling can represent multiple tasks, decisions, options- and sometimes, multiple love interests.

Much depends on the rest of the cards in the reading. For example, there is usually no need to panic when you see Two of Pentacles with Eight of Pentacles- this can mean that your partner is just focused on improving their future prospects, multitasking or making an important choice.

On the other hand, Seven of Swords and Two of Pentacles is an entirely different story- this combination can show someone who tries to get away with an affair.

The Magician in Tarot is a master manifestor. Deception, gaslighting and manipulation are the darker aspects of the Magician, often seen in reversed position. In love readings, upright Magician card has a bad reputation because he can be quite selfish, but it is not always a sign of cheating.

If you received the Magician and Devil while asking about your partner’s fidelity- this tarot combination indicates that what they are faithful to is themselves and their desires first- and they are very much capable of lying or cheating to get what they want. With the Magician in reversed, they may be showing you a different face, hiding their ‘’Devil’’ side with trickery.

Most of the time, 3 of cups is a card of celebration, friendship and cooperation. Since this card indicates three or more people involved in the situation, it is not very desirable to see 3 of cups in romantic readings, especially when paired with other negative cards.

In a relationship context, Three of Cups reversed might represent a third party situation. This meaning is emphasized when it is in combination with the Magician reversed, which indicates that there is lying and manipulation involved.

When you ask about whether or not they are cheating on you, Three of Cups reversed and High Priestess can talk about love triangle and secrets.

An alternative meaning of the Three of Cups reversed can be someone who doesn’t take things seriously and just wants to have fun.

The Justice in reversed position represents injustice. In a love reading, receiving this card in combination with other negative cards can be a sign of dishonesty and unfairness. And what’s more unfair than cheating?

For example, Ten of Swords and Justice in reversed together can be a sign of a betrayal.

The Justice card’s motto is: “What goes around will always come back around” - so if they are being unfair to you, you can expect to see karma hitting them back when you receive this card.

3 of Swords is the classic card of heartbreak. There are many things that are heartbreaking, including cheating.

That is why I recommend getting a clarification card when you receive Three of Swords. What is this heartbreak about?

If you received Three of Swords and Three of Cups (especially in reversed), it can be about a love triangle, or a third party interfering in your relationship. Five of Swords and Three of Swords can be a sign of conflict and deception.

The High Priestess can be a tricky card to interpret. It is the mysterious, intuitive aspect of the feminine. The High Priestess in Tarot rarely reveals the outcome and can leave you with more questions than answers at times.

The High Priestess is a woman of secret, and sometimes ‘’the secret woman’’. - especially when paired with other suspicious cards, like the Seven of Swords.

When you ask the question ‘’ Is my partner cheating on me?” and you received the High Priestess, what exactly made you suspicious? Is it your intuition? If so, you may be onto something, don’t ignore your gut instinct.

It is no surprise to see the infamous Devil card in this list. This card is all about losing control, negative behaviors and toxic attachments. Although it certainly can be, it is not a clear sign of cheating- therefore more clarification is needed as to what this Devil situation is about.

If you asked about your partners fidelity and received the Devil and Seven of Swords, chances are high that they are doing something behind your back and with the Devil, there can be sexual addiction involved.

The Devil and Lovers can talk about toxic/karmic patterns in a relationship. This is a very significant combination. If you are interested in learning more about the Devil and Lovers, click here.

10 of Swords in a love reading indicate backstabbing, agony and painful endings. It can be a strong sign of cheating on its own.

Betrayal is strongly emphasized with the Seven of Swords and Ten of Swords. When you asked whether or not your partner is cheating on you and you received Three of Swords with Ten of Swords- the answer is most likely a yes.

The good news with the Ten of Swords is that the worst is passing away. If you can see beyond the unpleasantness of this card, you will see that right in the background, sun is rising again. Every ending is a new beginning.


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