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EMPRESS Tarot Combinations with All Suit of Swords Cards

EMPRESS Tarot Combinations with All Suit of Swords Cards

What does the Empress card represent in a Tarot reading?

The Empress is the 3rd card of Major Arcana, and she symbolizes the Divine Feminine qualities- compassion, love, creativity, nurturing, forgiveness and fertility. It is associated with the astrological planet Venus.

In reversed position, it represents a lack of harmony in your life. You can read more about the Empress in reversed position here.

Is the Empress a yes or a no?

The Empress is a very positive card, so the answer is usually a yes.

Ace of Swords and Empress:

This tarot combination often indicates receiving clarity and truth about the Empress situation. The Empress here can talk about giving birth to a new idea that will propel you to a more abundant future. She may also represent your home, family, possessions, love life or creative pursuits. If she represents a person instead, it may be someone who will offer you a good advice or a perspective- possibly with Taurus zodiac sign in their natal chart. Ace of Swords and Empress in love readings can also indicate a new relationship, communication or pregnancy.

Two of Swords and Empress:

Two of Swords indicates a situation that reached a stalemate, and when it is clarified by the Empress- it may be affecting your relationships, home, creativity or self confidence. If you are too much in your head, blocking your emotions, trying to rationalize everything- this is a reminder to find a balance between your mind and heart. Struggle of the Two of swords can also be about a person that is represented as the Empress. If you received the Empress as the outcome card, you are finally making a decision and coming out of a situation that was seemingly impossible to solve.

As feelings, Two of Swords and Empress combination shows a person who is unable to make a decision with the 2 of swords- something seems to be blocking their emotions, even though they have deep feelings suggested by the Empress. As relationship outcome, these cards can represent reaching harmony after a conflict or a dilemma.

Three of Swords and Empress:

Three of Swords in Tarot represents heartbreak, betrayal, sadness and sorrow. When you receive the Empress after the Three of Swords, or in outcome/future position,

it is a clear sign that you are healing your heart, leaving the past behind and moving towards a much more abundant future. If you receive the Empress as the clarification card to the 3 of Swords instead, it may represent someone who caused you these painful emotions. Advice? Connect to your divine feminine by cultivating self love and compassion, resting and embracing your emotions.

Four of Swords and Empress:

Both these cards represent a general theme of rest and rebirth. With the Four of Swords, you may have been through a stressful period that has challenged you mentally and physically. Due to this situation, you may have chosen to withdraw yourself for a while. The Empress next to it as the outcome/future card shows that you are finding the balance you need in order to get back out in the world again. The advice: Be aware of burnout. Take some time to nurture your inner strength and self worth if you need to. Listen to your heart’s needs and desires. The Four of Swords and Empress combination in love readings shows someone who is contemplating their feelings.

Five of Swords and Empress:

The Empress as the outcome/future position after Five of Swords: A conflict, loss or defeat (5 of Swords) reaches a conclusion of peace and harmony (the Empress). The Empress as clarification: In this case, the Empress can represent someone whom you had a falling out with, or it can represent a conflict in your home and relationships.

Overall, Five of Swords and Empress combination can represent that you are learning to overcome failures in life. You are walking away from a losing situation and choosing peace. In love readings, this combination can represent coming out of an unhealthy relationship. But this period can be damaging to your self esteem- so make sure to allow yourself a time of healing.

Six of Swords and Empress:

When you receive the Empress card in the outcome/future position, Six of Swords card indicates that you are moving away (literally or figuratively) from a turbulent, painful situation into the calming waters of the Empress.

If the Empress clarifies the Six of Swords situation, the Empress can point to a period of heartbreak and separation in your home, family and relationships. It can also represent a person (possibly a female/Earth sign- especially Taurus)

The Empress is a very positive card to receive. Trust that abundance, love and harmony will blossom again. Change your current perspective if you need to. Open your heart when you are ready.

Seven of Swords and Empress:

The Seven of Swords represents manipulation, gaslighting, betrayal, lies and trickery. When it is clarified with the Empress in your reading, this may be someone very close to you- either in your home, family or relationships. You may also be lying to yourself about a situation.

If you receive the Empress as the outcome/future position to the Seven of Swords- this is good news. You are going to be able to come out of this confusing and painful situation.

In love readings, the Seven of Swords can show sneaky behaviors or cheating in the relationship. When this card shows up, something is being purposefully hidden.

When you receive the Seven of Swords and Empress together, be aware of cutting corners or using manipulative tricks to get what you want. Trust your gut, learn people’s true motivations first.

Eight of Swords and Empress:

Eight of Swords tarot card indicates circumstances in your life that have left you feeling powerless, hopeless and lost- it is like a mental prison. If the Empress clarifies this card- it may be happening in your close environment, home, family or love life.

The Empress as the future/outcome card clearly shows that you are removing your blindfolds and exiting this mental prison by choosing to love yourself.

The Eight of Swords and Empress combination’s advice: Don’t get stuck on the past. Heal your victim mentality. Regardless of your circumstances, remember that you deserve love, joy and peace.

Nine of Swords and Empress:

Nine of Swords describes a stressful situation that keeps you up at night. You may be playing what if scenarios in your head, reliving the past emotions over and over again.

The good news is- the Empress card in the future/outcome position shows that you are coming out of this painful state and finding harmony and love again. You don’t need to suffer through this alone- Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.

The Nine of Swords and Empress combination also urges you to pay attention to your health- especially if you are dealing with insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Ten of Swords and Empress:

Ten of Swords symbolizes a significant loss, heartbreak or betrayal. With the Empress as the next card in your reading, one message comes through very clearly- it is time to let go.

Whatever it is that hurt you, with the Empress card you are giving birth to a new, more peaceful and abundant future.

Ten of Swords and Empress combination urges you to focus on loving and healing yourself. Getting advice and support from others can also help you see things more clearly.

Page of Swords and Empress:

This is a time of fresh new starts-whether it is about your relationships, work or family life. You are giving birth to new ideas and creative pursuits. When you receive the Page of Swords and Empress together, it is an advice to focus your mental energy and heart’s desires into manifesting your goals.

Sometimes, Page of Swords and Empress can represent pregnancy or mother-child relationship.

In love readings, this combination could mean receiving a loving message.

If these two cards represent people instead, the Page of Swords could be someone younger (mentally or age), with Air element in their chart (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

The Empress can represent someone who is possibly a female, associated with the zodiac sign Taurus, or Earth element.

Knight of Swords and Empress:

The Knight of Swords can show your eagerness and determination to pursue your goals and desires represented by the Empress.

There is a lot of movement and growth in this combination, especially for your career and love life- just make sure you are not acting too hastily.

Knight of Swords and Empress in love readings shows a desire to take things to the next level. If you are single, you may also meet someone new who is very charismatic and charming.

Zodiac signs represented in this tarot combination are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Taurus.

Queen of Swords and Empress in your reading shows that you are strong willed, intelligent and charming. However, you may be living too much in your head sometimes. If this resonates with you, the Empress card is advising you to find a harmony between your logic and emotions.

Alternatively, Queen of Swords can represent a person in your life who is likely a female with air element in their chart (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). She is a brilliant, independent and stoic woman especially when the Empress clarifies it.

In love readings, Queen of Swords and Empress combination generally indicates someone who tends to rationalize their feelings. It can also represent communication and movement.

King of Swords and Empress:

With the King of Swords and Empress in your reading, you are advised to develop your diplomacy, logic and leadership skills in order to reach abundance and peace you seek represented by the Empress card.

If the King of Swords represents someone in your life, it is likely to be an intelligent and stoic person with Air element in their chart (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

In love readings, this combination can represent a special connection to the King of Swords person. In relationships, the King of Swords tends to prioritize their freedom and they rationalize their feelings.


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