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The Hierophant Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

The Hierophant Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards-

What does the Hierophant card represent in Tarot?

The Hierophant acts as a conduit of divine order. In a reading, he suggests you stick with the conventional approach and follow the rules and restrictions.

On a negative note, while he is a much-needed authoritarian figure in a chaotic environment, his inflexible ways could make him a rigid leader. Click here to read more about the Hierophant tarot card meaning

The Fool and Hierophant:

This combination represents beginning of a new chapter in your life. Although you may lack of experience and wisdom at first with the Fool card, the Hierophant in future position shows that you are about to enter a journey of learning. This could be about your educational life, religion, starting a new job or a commitment. It can also represent a mentor or a teacher who will guide you. Regardless, the Fool and Hierophant suggests that this change in your life is going to be a lesson on moral values, belief structures and your views on tradition. ‘’Play it safe’’ is the advice here.

The Magician and Hierophant:

These cards are almost opposites in nature. The Magician is a very self-focused card, whereas the Hierophant is more focused on our place in societal norms, traditions, hierarchy, etc. With the Magician, you are most likely starting something anew, you are full of ambition and passion- but the Hierophant is telling you that there is much to be learned. This could also represent a path of commitment and tradition- such as marriage, religion or education. In any case, when you draw the Hierophant after the Magician, advice here is to stick to the rules and your personal morals- focus on doing the right thing.

The High Priestess and Hierophant:

They are both spiritual figures in Tarot, but their processes are very different from each other. The High Priestess uses her intuitive power and inner magic to gain wisdom, whereas the Hierophant (also known as the Pope or the High Priest) follows a more traditional, established route like religion. The High Priestess and Hierophant combination in Tarot is all about learning something in depth- through your life experiences, faith, or studies. It can also represent a mentor/spiritual figure in your life who will guide you. With this combination, you are advised to listen to your gut, but also align yourself with the practical and conventional direction.

The Empress and Hierophant:

This combination represents creating a more balanced, stable and abundant foundation in your life. Often, these cards represent traditional roles- such as mother and father, or husband and wife. The Empress and Hierophant in love readings can suggest commitment, marriage, family traditions and pregnancy. It shows feelings of loyalty and affection.

The Emperor and Hierophant:

With the Emperor and Hierophant combination, there is a very clear and significant emphasis on how you structure your life. Both cards indicate that you are in the process of building solid foundations towards more success, stability and maturity. Your commitments to your goals, beliefs, values and relationships takes a more serious tone with these cards. You may be dealing with a situation regarding religion, authority, corporate hierarchy and establishment. Both cards can be quite stubborn and dogmatic at times. In any case, advice here is for you to improve your self discipline and play it safe..

The Lovers and Hierophant:

This combination can represent becoming a union, feeling whole- spiritually and physically. The Lovers and Hierophant together is a story on love and devotion- with these cards, relationships generally take a more serious/formal tone- marriage is very likely. If your reading is not about love, this combination can signify finding your path in life or devoting yourself to your spirituality.

The Chariot and Hierophant:

Even though these cards look quite different, they have some subtle similarities. Both the Chariot and Hierophant represent wisdom as the outcome. The Chariot is learning about self discipline, the Hierophant is the card of spiritual/religious discipline. The Chariot suggests that you are in a journey full of ambition and willpower, and the Hierophant shows that you will likely find success in the tried and true path.

The Strength and Hierophant:

This combination focuses on fundamentals of your life- inner growth, stability, success, family, self-worth, etc. It can also represent someone with a strong character and authority who can support you. When you draw the Strength and Hierophant together, you are being advised to find the balance between your heart and logic. Follow your personal moral code and responsibilities. Your faith can help you to discover your purpose in life.

The Hermit and Hierophant:

Both cards seek higher wisdom in their own way. The Hermit is about connecting to your inner wisdom, whereas the Hierophant is following a path of conventional/religious wisdom. This can represent a time of learning, whether it is about your spirituality, education, or life in general. The advice here is to remain open minded if you are faced with an important decision- take some time to contemplate on it. Your faith can assist you- or this combination could represent someone who is spiritual and mature. You may also be contemplating about your views on tradition, conformity, and religion. Both cards tend to be slow- therefore some patience is necessary.

The Wheel of Fortune and Hierophant:

Generally speaking, the Wheel of Fortune represents favorable turn of events that can be considered luck or destiny. And it leads to the Hierophant- which represents tradition, conformity, and establishment. The Wheel of Fortune and Hierophant combination advises you to trust the divine timing. It is probably not a good time to start a radical change right now, as the Hierophant in the outcome/future position shows that the Wheel is leading you to stick with the status quo for a while. The Wheel of Fortune and

Hierophant doesn't necessarily represent any romantic feelings, but there could be a potential for a long term commitment here.

The Justice and Hierophant:

These cards together can indicate legal matters, contracts and commitments that involve authority or establishment. In future position: If you are doing the right/moral thing, you will receive a fair outcome. It is not a good time for cutting corners and trying out of the box ideas- stick with the rules and conventional path instead. The Justice and Hierophant in love readings can represent a spiritual union, traditional wedding ceremonies or marriage. As feelings of someone- they are very loyal and serious about this connection.

The Hanged Man and Hierophant:

There are two different interpretations here. If you had been feeling stagnant or stuck in your life, trying to get out of the status quo- you need to be open minded and look at things in a new perspective. On the other hand, if you had been repeatedly going against rules and limitations- establishing some healthy structure might be exactly what you need. The Hanged Man and Hierophant combination in love readings may suggest someone who feels stuck in a commitment/marriage.

The Death and Hierophant:

The Death card often represents a metaphorical death situation- a painful, major life change that leads to a new rebirth. The Hierophant next to it symbolizes tradition, wisdom, structure, establishment, and religion. Sometimes, the Death card may represent an end to some strict limitations and old traditions in your life (Especially if it comes AFTER the Hierophant) If the Hierophant is the outcome/future card after the Death- you may be transitioning into a more traditional path in your life. In some cases, the Death and Hierophant card in love readings may indicate divorce or separation.

The Temperance and Hierophant:

This combination signifies a time of learning patience, moderation and routine. Advice here is to remain open minded and flexible, avoid black and white thinking- instead see the big picture and find the middle path.

The Temperance and Hierophant are also birth cards (14/5) in Tarot, which represents finding balance in your inner duality- freedom vs structure, tradition vs modernity, right vs wrong, etc.

The Devil and Hierophant:

The Devil and Hierophant is a very interesting pair. The Devil is against everything that the Pope stands for- morality, tradition and religion. On the other hand, both cards can be extremely stubborn, controlling and obstinate in nature. The Devil energy can be a force to break free from old, unhealthy traditions and social norms. On the other hand, the Devil can stand for obsessions and negative attachments that the Hierophant is advising you to let go of. The Devil and Hierophant combination in a relationship can represent clashing perspectives, unhealthy attachments, or someone being bound to a strict/traditional type of marriage.

The Tower and Hierophant:

The Hierophant symbolizes the structure, and the Tower represents a sudden change that brings destruction of existing structures. If you drew the Hierophant as the clarification/outcome/future card, after a period of loss and upheaval, you are starting to build anew. This time, cards are suggesting you to stick with the tried and true path, respect the rules and tradition. On the other hand, if you drew the Hierophant first and Tower the second, this could represent breaking free from old, traditional ways that no longer serve you.

The Star and Hierophant:

You are committed to your long-term goals and wishes. Trust your intuition and faith to guide you. The Hierophant may also represent a person of authority and wisdom who can aid you. In love readings, the Star and Hierophant can be a strong indication of marriage, or someone wishing to get married.

The Moon and Hierophant:

You may be turning a blind eye to something that concerns your commitments, beliefs, values, or structure. It can also suggest issues with authority and establishment. Alternatively, you may be accepting the status quo due to fear of change. In love readings, this could represent being confused or disillusioned about a marriage/relationship. The Moon and Hierophant can also represent someone who is afraid of commitments.

The Sun and Hierophant:

Finding clarity, truth and satisfaction (the Sun) in tradition, society and establishment (the Hierophant). This combination is often a favorable sign in career, as it can suggest being happy with the status quo. In love readings, the Sun and Hierophant can be an indication for marriage and pregnancy. Cultural upbringing, religion or tradition may play a big part in the relationship.

The Judgement and Hierophant:

This combination can indicate a transition period. A ’’wakeup call’’ represented by the Judgement card may be urging you to question your existing beliefs, values and structure.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and you drew the Hierophant card as the advice/outcome- you are advised to pick the safest/most conventional option. In a love reading, the Judgement and Hierophant may suggest that it is time to reexamine your old beliefs about relationships that is no longer working for you.

The World and Hierophant:

This combination can represent successful completion of a learning journey- perhaps a change in career position or graduation. It is also a beginning of something new, and if it is clarified by the Hierophant- this could mean beginning of a new commitment, such as a marriage. Alternatively, the World and Hierophant can suggest traveling for work or spiritual/religious organization.

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