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The STAR Tarot Combinations With All Major Arcana Cards

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Star card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card.

Is the Star card a yes or a no?

The Star is a favorable card for the future- but it doesn't necessarily talk about a certain outcome.

The STAR Tarot Combinations With All Major Arcana Cards

The Fool and Star:

Having a leap of faith towards a hopeful future. If you are taking a chance on something foreign and new- expect the unexpected. The Star is a favorable card as the outcome, but the Fool shows naivety about the situation.

The Magician and Star:

New, inspiring beginnings. Whatever it is that you are wishing for, you have what it takes to achieve it. Right now, it is a very good time to trust the universe and manifest your desires- but make sure to have a solid plan.

Your intuition will guide you towards the desired outcome. It is a good time to manifest through spiritual or magical practices, rather than taking physical actions. You may receive an unexpected help.

The Empress and Star:

It is a good time to nourish yourself with love, bask in your creativity, open your heart to the new and unexpected. The Empress and Star together in love readings represent very positive feelings- but there could be some sort of distance. It can also represent wishing for pregnancy.

The Emperor and Star:

If you are in the process of building your foundations, or trying to get something off the ground, the Star indicates a bright future. Even if success you desire seems too distant sometimes, don’t lose your faith- your hard work and dedication will be rewarded.

The Hierophant and Star:

This is a very spiritual combination. Faith and destiny will play a big part in your situation at this time. It is important to remain hopeful and open towards the future. Hierophant and Star in love readings may represent marriage or wishing to be united.

The Lovers and Star:

Soul connections. Deeply wishing to be united, to feel whole, to find the ‘’missing’’ half. In some cases, it may indicate long distance or unrequited love. If it is not love related, Lovers and Star together may represent a crossroads in your life- In any case, future looks promising. Trust your intuition and make your choice.

The Chariot and Star:

You are paving your own way towards future and your dedication will pay off. But remember that the path of destiny is not always paved smooth with gold. You may encounter unexpected situations that is out of your control- don’t lose your faith in yourself. The Chariot and Star combination is also frequently interpreted as traveling to a distant location.

The Strength and Star:

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or discouraged about the future- strength you need already flows through you. Even though you can’t control everything in life, you can control your emotions and actions towards them.

The Hermit and Star:

What you need is self-reflection and inner guidance at this time. Things will flow smoothly, but it may be slower than expected- especially if you tend to rush without thinking. Hermit and Star combination in love readings can show someone who is deeply contemplating about their future, they may be choosing to focus on themselves right now.

Wheel of Fortune and Star:

This combination suggests unexpected, often favorable turn of events. A lot of things seem to be in the hands of destiny regards to your situation- have faith in the universe that things will sort itself out.

The Justice and Star:

Wishing for a fair outcome. You are probably seeking some sort of clarity, truth and balance about your situation, and the Star is a favorable indication that it will come to you. In love readings, the Justice and Star tarot combination can indicate marriage.

The Hanged Man and Star:

Don’t resist to change- In order to reach the desired outcome, you need to adapt a whole new perspective. If you are stuck or confused, The Star indicates that things will start to flow again but patience is necessary. Beware of disillusion and self sacrifice.

The Death and Star:

After a painful loss or an ending, the renewal you wish for is coming. You may receive unexpected assistance at this time. Whatever it is you are going through, remain hopeful and optimistic about your future.

This tarot combination often shows a healing process from within, making adjustments step by step in order to strike a balance. Positive changes are afoot, but it may be a slow progress. Temperance and Star together in love readings can represent a soul connection, or a desire to merge with one another.

The Devil and Star:

The Devil and Star together indicates a need to release karmic/negative attachments. You may be wishing for the wrong things or ignoring the red flags- if this resonates to you, you need to distance yourself from whatever is holding you down.

The Tower and Star:

The Tower represents a painful upheaval in your life, and the Star as the next card is a hopeful messenger that the things are going to get better again. You may experience a loss with the Tower, but it is important that you don’t lose your hope for the future.

The Moon and Star:

This combination shows diving deep into emotions, fantasizing and dreams. Clarity is what you need- You need a solid vision and plan before you act. The Moon and Star together in love readings can feel confusing, or there may be a lot of wishful thinking and not much action involved. It can also indicate long distance relationships or connecting through dreams.

The Sun and Star:

This is a very positive combination, representing rejuvenation, optimism, and new opportunities in all areas of your life. Both cards show that you will get full clarity on this situation. It is a good time to follow your heart.

There are some significant changes that are happening in your life, important decisions may be waiting for you. These may be unexpected or destined events. You need to get full clarity and assess your situation very carefully before you act on them. During this time of rebirth, your faith in yourself and in the universe can guide you.

The World and Star:

The Fool’s journey ends in the World. This represents that you are reaching the end of a cycle, and the Star shows a bright future ahead. Alternatively, the World and Star together can represent travel and new, unexpected opportunities that you haven’t considered before.

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