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Suit of Cups and the Moon Tarot Combinations

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Moon card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card, or after the Cups.

Explore the meaning of Suit of Cups and the Moon Tarot Combinations by

Ace of Cups and the Moon:

Ace of Cups signifies a new beginning for you, especially in romantic relationships. It is as if your emotional cup is overflowing with hope, love and joy- and you can’t wait to start this new experience.

If you asked about someone’s feelings for you and you drew the Ace of Cups- good news! This card represents purest form of love. Their cup is overflowing with deep and open emotions, and they want to offer it to you.

However, feelings that the Moon represent is not as clear as the Ace of Cups. This is the card of subconscious emotions- and it can be dreamy and romantic, or confusing and deceptive depending on what is going on beneath the surface. Fears, insecurities and anxieties are also linked with the Moon tarot card.

If you drew the Moon as the outcome/clarification, you are lacking clarity in some way. With both the Ace of Cups and the Moon, emotions run in a heightened state. The Moon asks you to dive deep into your intuition during this emotionally turbulent time. Ask yourself: Is there a truth that you avoid seeing? What is clouding your judgement? Are there any unresolved feelings for someone?

In a more negative scenario, Ace of Cups and the Moon can talk about a hidden relationship, secret or affair.

Two of Cups and the Moon:

Mutually satisfying partnerships are the theme of Two of Cups. It traditionally describes a union of love- so it can represent soulmates and twin flames as well.

So what does the Two of Cups and Moon combination represents as feelings of someone? The Two of Cups indicates that there is a lot of emotional attraction, and they want to build a deeper connection with you. On the other hand with the Moon card, there is an uncertainty, fear or confusion that holds them back. You may be evoking some deep emotions that they don’t know how to deal with. Perhaps they just find you mysterious.

Overall, Two of Cups and Moon advice you to gain some clarity over this partnership. If you are overly emotional or feeling lost in your head- take a step back and do your inner work first. When in doubt, trust your gut feeling for guidance.

If this combination is paired with negative cards in the spread, such as the Seven of Swords- The Moon might be warning you about some secrets or hidden agendas in the relationship. In this case, it is time to start an honest conversation.

Three of Cups and the Moon:

Celebrations, friendships& special occasions are what the Three of Cups talks about.

It is generally a positive a card on its own, but when it is paired with the Moon - things feel less clear and certain.

Three of Cups and the Moon combination in a love reading can represent something interfering with the relationship. The Moon is a card of secrets and deception. In some cases, this can be about a love triangle, or a third party, especially if there are other cards in the spread that indicate lying or cheating.

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Overall, Three of Cups and Moon combination is not a good time to make hasty and emotional decisions. Make sure you have enough information about the situation. Be honest with yourself about how you feel, don’t use denial to hide from negative feelings.

Four of Cups and the Moon:

Four of Cups represents the feeling of emptiness and unfulfillment in life. It is when you are stuck in ‘’what if’’ scenarios instead of living in the moment. Perhaps things didn’t happen the way you hoped, and now you are feeling disappointed. Or perhaps you lack motivation to act, even though you want to change things in your life.

With the Moon as your next card, you may be in denial about how you really feel inside. Fears, insecurities and anxieties may be holding you back from getting out of this rut.

With this combination, changing your negative mindset is the key that will unlock the happiness that you are missing.

The Moon can also talk about unrealistic expectations. In this case, make sure that your goals are achievable. There may be ups and downs before you reach the outcome you want, so it is important to stay positive during the process.

When you look at the illustration of the Four of Cups, you will see that life is gifting you a new cup. This can be a new opportunity for you to find your passion again- so don’t miss this opportunity.

For some of you, it seems like love doesn’t interest you anymore. Perhaps your heart has been broken too many times in the past. Perhaps you’d rather avoid the drama of dating. Or you just got out of a relationship, and it is too soon to start over.

If this resonates with you, it is time to get a good look within. What is holding you back from love?

If you are in a relationship, you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to your wants and needs. Don’t hide from facts just because they are uncomfortable. Alternatively, secrets may be what’s weighing down the relationship. In any case, open communication is very important here.

Four of Cups and the Moon as someone’s feelings for you suggest that they feel very confused and discontent at this time. They may either lack motivation due to fear or stress, or they may feel indifferent towards this connection.

Five of Cups and the Moon:

Five of Cups is an unwelcome card in any reading as it represents disappointment, regret and loss.

The Moon emphasizes this situation. Whether it is fear, anxiety or insecurity- No matter what happened in the past, you cannot let these feelings weigh you down anymore.

Five of Cups and Moon combination tells you that one way to release this negative mindset is to face your problems with honesty and courage. Don’t hide from your emotions, work through and heal them instead.

Six of Cups and the Moon:

6 of Cups and the Moon combination can be about reminiscing. It is not a bad thing to have a little nostalgia time to time, but if you keep getting lost in the memories of the past, it may be time to let go.

The Six of Cups also relates to children, family and childhood memories. The Moon next to it can indicate turbulent emotions regards to these topics. For example, it can be about a childhood issue that you need to heal from.

For some of you, the Six of Cups can represent second chances as well. In this case, Six of Cups & Moon together indicates someone returning from the past to reveal their deep feelings.

Seven of Cups and the Moon:

Seven of Cups and the Moon in Tarot share many similarities as they both talk about dreams and illusions.

Are you daydreaming to escape difficult emotions? Have you been feeling directionless, confused or stressed? Do you have unrealistic expectations? If these resonate, then this combination is most likely a warning for you to ground yourself back into the reality.

In a love reading, Seven of Cups and the Moon combination can represent multiple love interests, lack of emotional clarity, or wishful thinking.

The good news is that with the Seven of Cups, you have many opportunities ahead of you. All you need is to get clear on your goals and act on them. Don’t jump into big decisions unless you have all the information.

Eight of Cups and the Moon:

The Eight of Cups shows a man turning his back on all his cups and walking away. The Moon is his only companion through this journey to the unknown.

Whatever it is that you are leaving behind, whether a relationship, a job or a mindset- it is normal to feel scared and overwhelmed.

The Eight of Cups and the Moon has a message for you: don’t ignore your emotions, no matter how difficult they are. If you feel that you reached a dead end in your life, face your fears and find the courage in your heart to change your direction.

As feelings, the Eight of Cups mainly talks about disappointment and weariness. With the Moon, it may be time to retreat from the connection for a while and heal.

Nine of Cups and the Moon:

The Nine of Cups on its own is a very positive card, symbolizing ultimate satisfaction and wishes coming true.

Paired with the Moon, these cards can talk about denial or illusion.

If you are waiting for the perfect moment in life, living in a dream world or wishing for unrealistic things, this combination is cautioning you to get out of the fantasy world and start taking action.

Another meaning of Nine of Cups and Moon is overindulgence. Be cautious of your financial dealings, invest and spend your money wisely as you may be prone to ups and downs at this time.

Ten of Cups and the Moon:

Ten of Cups represent love, harmony and joy. This card is one of the best indicators of happy unions. However, the Moon card next to it tells us that things are not what they seem. So what is going on here?

If the overall reading is positive, the Moon as the outcome card can symbolize temporary ups and downs in family and relationships.

In a more negative scenario, the Moon can represent something that interferes with the Ten of Cups. Sometimes, with the Moon, we delude ourselves into thinking that our everything is perfect- while it is far from it.

It can also suggest something hidden. If you feel like your partner is acting secretive, it is time to talk to them about it. You need to examine your true feelings, open up and communicate. Listen to the guidance of your heart. If you are single, are there any repressed emotions or past relationship patterns that need healing? Are you giving yourself enough love and care or are you only giving it to others?

Overall, Ten of Cups and the Moon can be a confusing time for relationships. When you are in doubt, listen to your intuition for guidance.


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