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LIBRA 2023 Tarot Predictions: Pay Attention To Relationships

1st house: Self, Beginnings, Approach to Life

New year, new you!

Dear Libra, during the past few years, most of you felt defeated and hopeless at times. Various issues that tested yourself worth and perseverance. These could be about your relationships, self-image, or work.

In 2023, you stop worrying about pleasing others and focus on finding more of yourself. It is all about what makes you feel independent now.

With this empowering energy, you will have a better understanding of where you stand in life- your boundaries, needs, desires and more. The ways you handle your finances can change, with some improvements you can enjoy being more self-reliant.

2nd house: Money, Values, Possessions

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Concerning your finances, 2023 is a year where you are reinventing yourself and taking more control over your material life.

You could be making big decisions in your work, pursuing a new business idea or moving to a different place.

In any case, road ahead could be long and rough- but the success is at your reach as long as you are determined.

3rd house: Communication, Thoughts, Education, Activity

Tarot Card: Two of Wands

So what’s on your mind in 2023? You are on the hunt for a better opportunity to change your life.

You will have a desire to communicate more. It is a beneficial year to expand your social circle, share your ideas and start networking.

The Two of Wands could also indicate long distance romance, business partnerships or travelling for some of you.

The biggest difficulty this card is the decision-making stage. You may be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown territory. Make sure you are not missing any opportunities due to fear or self doubt.

4th house: Home, Family, Foundations

In 2023, let’s focus on getting more grounded dear Libra- especially if you felt scattered and confused during the past few years.

New year will urge you to reflect on what you need, what you desire, what makes YOU feel safe and secure- regardless of what others are saying.

If you utilize this energy, there is an opportunity for you to make long lasting changes in your home and family life.

This can deepen your existing relationships if they are built on healthy foundations. You can also purge some difficult emotions and toxic circumstances that will make you feel more at peace.

5th house: Pleasure, Happiness, Love, Children, Creativity

Your attitudes towards 5th house matters are changing this year dear Libra.

Some of you may be holding yourself back from truly expressing yourself out in the world. You could be holding on too tightly on some things due to fear. For others, it could be about self-sabotaging your happiness.

In 2023, you are going to be liberating yourself from some unnecessary obligations, fears, and dependencies.

Instead, focus on what makes you happy regardless of external circumstances. The Fool energy is about learning detachment, taking a leap of faith, and following your heart.

A more lighthearted, curious, carefree and playful attitude can you revitalize you and open you doors that you didn’t know existed before.

6th house: Health, Habits, Work, Service, Daily Routine

Some of you may feel unsatisfied, unmotivated, restricted, or simply bored in some aspects of your life.

If you find that your work routine is monotonous, or responsibilities are overwhelming you, 2023 can be a great year to make some improvements.

Especially during summertime, you can feel an urge to change your habits and day to day life. This is a good time to make some health and diet changes as well. You can also better organize your time and energy with the Knight of Pentacles energy.

7th house: Relationships, Partnerships, Marriage

New partnership and relationship opportunities are arriving. Relationships that you start in 2023 are generally going to be mutually beneficial.

The Wheel could also rekindle an old relationship or end a toxic one.

Overall, it is a strong energy of change, and the outcome depends on how you utilize it.

Some of you may need to stop holding onto behaviors and relationships. Don’t be afraid to eliminate things that no longer serve you. Sometimes, a situation that seems to be bad can be a blessing in disguise.

8th house: Sex, Death, Rebirth, Merging, Assets

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles

This year has a potential to upgrade your finances, as well as free you from past limiting beliefs about yourself.

With Three of Pentacles, you can benefit from merging your ideas and resources with others, developing your talents and making a well thought decision/investment.

Just be careful of who you trust when it comes to money and secrets.

9th house: Education, Travel, Philosophy, Higher Learning

Tarot Card: King of Swords

General advice here is to take your time, don’t rush into anything. Weigh your heart and mind carefully.

Learning, studying, improving your diplomatic and communication skills can all be beneficial for you this year.

Some of you could meet someone with Air Sign qualities (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- possibly long distance. You can find a lot of common interests and beliefs with this person.

Alternatively, it could also represent a career in writing, law, education and media.

10th house: Career, Reputation, Goals, Public Image

Tarot Card: Eight of Swords and Emperor

During the past few years, some of you felt trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation regards to your professional life. It could be an unsatisfying job, a tough decision, or a financial debt.

Regardless, this year you are going to be changing your circumstances as long as you change your mindset.

Your mind is a very powerful tool. It can help you reach your wildest dreams or lock you in the depths of misery. With your thoughts, you can create your reality. So, pay attention to your thoughts, which path are they taking you? This way you can figure out negative belief systems and thinking patterns you imposed on yourself and eliminate them in order to create a more loving and joyous life.

The Emperor could also represent an authority figure or company that is making your life difficult.

11th house: Friendships, Companions, Social life, Wishes, Technology

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

When it comes to your friendships and social life, you are going to be able to connect on a deeper level this year.

Sharing your feelings, dreams and ideas to a broader audience can bring you fulfillment.

Alternatively, the Queen of Cups can represent a special person in your life who will guide and support you in 2023. This person is likely a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

12th house: Transcendence, Karma, Hidden challenges, Healing, Subconscious

Tarot Card: Moon

On a subconscious level, 2023 is going to be about finding your inner peace. You can do this through meditation, astrology, dreams, art, and more- whatever path suits you.

You will also feel more creative and intuitive than usual.

On the other hand, deep seated fears or difficult emotions, or some secrets can come to the surface. It is best to deal with these issues instead of repressing them.

Wishing you a wonderful new year!

LIBRA 2023 Tarot Predictions: In Love, Money,Work, Relationships, Health, Career and More by

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