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THE LOVERS Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

What does the Lovers card mean in a tarot combination?

As the 6th card of the Major Arcana, the Lovers represents a major crossroads in your life. Whether it is about work,relationships or personal, there is a very important choice to be made.

The Lovers is also known as ‘’the soulmate card’’, indicating true love and great physical attraction.

Is the Lovers card a yes or a no?

Generally speaking, receiving the Lovers card in your reading is a good sign, however it is not a clear yes or a no to your question.

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Lovers card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card.

Fool and the Lovers:

Following your heart and entering a new chapter in your life. Taking risks. Beware of making foolish/irresponsible decisions.

Magician and the Lovers:

Multiple opportunities and choices are ahead, but a careful decision has to be made. In love readings, Magician and the Lovers might indicate a romantic dilemma. The Magician brings new beginnings, but beware of trickery and deception.

High Priestess and the Lovers:

In general, The Lovers and High Priestess together represents the theme of duality and partnerships. You may be facing a big decision, if so trust your gut and pay attention to your dreams. In a love spread, this combination

The Lovers Tarot Combination

may represent something hidden, either some feelings or the relationship itself.

Empress and the Lovers:

Abundance of love, a kind proposal, harmony in the matters of family/home/relationships. Pregnancy/decisions about children may be indicated as well. While making a decision, listen to your heart.

Emperor and the Lovers:

Generally, Emperor and the Lovers combination means that the outcome of the question will mostly depend on your actions. It is a time when you need to be responsible and take control of your direction. Lesser meanings could be a romantic connection in the workplace, new partnerships, a fatherly figure/boss supporting you.

Hierophant and the Lovers:

When Hierophant and the Lovers come together, it usually means committing to a choice. Depending on your situation and other cards in the reading, it may mean siding with tradition OR escaping tradition in order to find alternative paths. In love spreads, this combination may indicate a solid relationship or marriage.

Chariot and the Lovers:

Travel, reaching a fork in the road, obstacles ahead. You are probably excited to take this new step however the cards are advicing you to steady yourself, don’t rush into this new decision. In love readings Chariot and Lovers together may represent high sexual attraction, a fast moving relationship etc.

Strength and the Lovers:

This combination is usually an advice to practice self love; trust yourself and balance your head and heart while making a choice. Other meanings are: Coming out of obstacles, learning to master yourself, forming a strong bond or a partnership.

Hermit and the Lovers:

Contemplating about a choice\dilemma, finding your spiritual path, coming out of isolation/loneliness, or entering a new relationship.

Wheel of Fortune and the Lovers:

New beginnings and “destined” encounters. When Wheel of Fortune is together with the Lovers card, situation will require ''letting go with the flow''. Expect pleasant surprises.

Justice and the Lovers:

Making the right choice, receiving a fair outcome, balanced partnerships and relationships. Advice here is to find a balance between your logic and emotions.

Hanged Man and the Lovers:

Coming out of an old stagnation period and contemplating on your new path. Advice that comes with Hanged Man and Lovers combination is to look at your situation in a different perspective while making a choice. This choice may involve some sort of sacrifice.

Death and the Lovers:

When the Death card comes first, Death and Lovers together suggests a new beginning that starts with a choice. Whatever it is you are dealing with, with this combination there is a need to first leave the past behind. In a love spread, it may represent a difficult time for relationships.

Temperance and the Lovers:

Finding peace and balance in between different elements of your life, receiving blessings in your choices, however there is a need to be patient.

Devil and the Lovers:

This combination represents making a choice to break the bonds of toxic attachments, addictions, or karmic relationships. You can find a lengthy interpretation here: Tarot Cards Combinations: The Devil and Lovers

Tower and the Lovers:

Having courage to leave the old and start completely anew. Relationship, work, your beliefs, whatever is in the past is no longer serving you and you need to look at other choices. Don’t let your fear or anxiety hold you back durıng this time.

Star and the Lovers:

True love, fated encounters, feeling hopeful and connected. Your wishes are coming true, now it is your time to make a decision.

Moon and the Lovers:

Even though there are multiple of choices being represented to you, your emotions may be clouding your judgement and you may feel like your are in a dreamy state, which makes it hard for you to make a decision at this time. In a love spread with Moon and Lovers together, it may represent a very intriguing and sexually charged relationship- however, there may be some deception involved. In any case, advice here is to be careful and practical.

Sun and the Lovers:

Abundance of growth, cooperation, prosperity, love and children. If you are faced with a choice, you are being encouraged to trust your decision. In any situation, this is a very fruitful and happy time for you.

Judgement and the Lovers:

With this combination, the Judgement brings a wake up call and Lovers card asks for a decision to be made. This decision is most likely difficult, and you may need to make some sacrifices or leave some things in the past in order to move on. In any case, make sure to assess the situation honestly and carefully. Expect the unexpected.

World and The Lovers:

Completion of a cycle and entering a crossroads. It can also indicate making a decision about where to travel or move. The choice is yours and pleasant surprises might be ahead.


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