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The HERMIT Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Hermit card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card.

The HERMIT Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

The Fool and Hermit:

With the Fool card, you are taking a new journey in your life- this is something that you have not experienced before, but it is exciting and powerful. This journey reaches to the Hermit- which signifies a time of introspection. The Fool and Hermit tarot combination suggests that there are important lessons to be learned here and it requires your patience. Focus on the journey itself regardless of the outcome- you will come out wiser in the end.

The Magician and Hermit:

The Magician tells you that you have all the tools you need in order to achieve success. The Hermit is calling you to awaken your inner power and manifest the reality you desire. Visualizing and meditation can help you create a clear vision for the future. In love readings, both the Magician and Hermit cards are focused on their self-growth, rather than a union.

The High Priestess and Hermit:

This combination signifies a highly spiritual time in your life. You are integrating lessons that you learned from the past and contemplating on your soul purpose. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t happen the way you want soon- the Hermit is a card of patience. If you align yourself with the flow, you can manifest your dreams. Both the High Priestess and Hermit tells you to trust your dreams and intuition.

The Empress and Hermit:

Life is teaching you lessons on love, relationships, self-worth and divine feminine- and these experiences, no matter how hard they are, is the source of your wisdom. If your life is in harmony, that is great- just make sure you are practicing gratefulness and self-love. With the Empress and Hermit in your reading- take this time to contemplate on understanding your needs and desires, so you can build a more loving and balanced future for yourself.

The Emperor and Hermit:

When you draw the Emperor and Hermit cards together, you need to take a moment and contemplate on your foundations- whether it is your career, family, habits or values. Both these cards suggest that there are important decisions to be made-and with your patience and determination, it is in your hands to reach success. In love readings, the Emperor and Hermit shows a person contemplating on their future. It is not advised to push them for an answer at this time. This person will likely share their feelings only when they are ready.

The Hierophant and Hermit:

Both these cards suggests that this is a time of learning. You may be choosing to focus on your spirituality, religion or education. This is probably not a good time for cutting corners or going for radical changes in your life- as the Hierophant card is all about the status quo. Hierophant suggests you stick with the conventional route, and the Hermit asks you to be patient during this journey.

The Lovers and Hermit:

You may be at a crossroads- contemplating on which path to take. The Lovers and Hermit tarot combination can represent a past relationship or a major life decision that you ponder upon. As feelings, this combination suggests that this person is deeply considering what to do about this connection- and with the Hermit, they are choosing to keep it to themselves at this time. In any case, take this time to clear your mind and focus on yourself. If you drew the Hermit card first- read here: The Hermit and Lovers

The Chariot and Hermit:

The Chariot takes a long journey through many obstacles, and what keeps him going is his willpower. This journey reaches to a pause or time of contemplation/isolation, for Chariot to gather his strength and integrate the lessons he learned so far. If this resonates with you, purpose here is for you to learn self control. Even if things don’t work out exactly the way you wanted them to- the Chariot and Hermit encourages you to be patient, trust the divine purpose and yourself.

The Strength and Hermit:

With the Strength and Hermit tarot combination, there is a strong emphasis on resting and taking care of yourself- mentally and physically. This period of introspection may push you to face your fears and doubts- but you are strong enough to overcome them. If you are expecting changes in your life, you need to make changes within first.

The Wheel of Fortune and Hermit together talks about divine timing. If these cards are in future position, the big changes are coming, but you need to be patient and wait for things to fall into place. This combination also have a ‘’karmic’’ undertone, but whether you believe in karma or not- it is important for you to learn the lessons along the way, so you don’t repeat them again.

The Justice and Hermit:

You may be seeking equality and truth- and there is a good chance that you will get it. The Justice can talk about legal matters, marriages and contracts- the Hermit next to is deeply contemplating about this situation. Advice here is, if you are making a big decision, weigh the pros and cons carefully. All actions have consequences- with the Justice and Hermit together, focus on doing what’s fair and right.

The Hanged Man and Hermit:

Both cards put a strong emphasis on contemplation and isolation. With the Hanged Man and Hermit tarot combination, things in your life seems to be suspended in time- relationships, work, family, etc. You are waiting, thinking, wishing for a change. But these cards show that this change you are seeking is happening within first. This is a good time to think about what mistakes you may have made, what lessons you have learned and how to use this wisdom that change your perspective. Instead of pushing for a specific outcome, go with the flow and remain open minded for a while. If you have been giving a lot of yourself to the people in your life, perhaps it is time for you to start giving to yourself.

The Death and Hermit:

With the Death tarot card, you are ending a difficult chapter in your life. The Hermit urges you to take a rest and heal your wounds before you start again. Whatever it is that you have lost in the past, take your time to learn from it- but it doesn’t mean you should dwell on it for a long time. The Death and Hermit in love readings may suggest that the person is dealing with difficult feelings of loss/separation and they may not be ready to open their heart yet.

The Temperance and Hermit:

Whenever you draw the Temperance and Hermit together, finding your inner balance becomes an important mission in your journey. If you had been overly stressed or worried- this is a sign for you to take a rest. Practice moderation and patience.

The Devil and Hermit:

The Devil in tarot often shows attachments and behaviors that is harmful for you. The Hermit encourages you to ponder upon whatever it is that makes you feel shackled.

The Devil situations may be tempting, but the Hermit shows that your inner light shines stronger. Don’t be afraid to dive deep within and ask the hard questions. The Devil and Hermit in love readings can indicate detaching from a possibly toxic relationship and choosing to focus on yourself.

The Tower and Hermit:

The Tower indicates a painful change in your life that is possibly unexpected and out of your control. With the Hermit, you are being called to take some time to rest and contemplate about what this Tower

moment has taught you. No matter how hard or painful this situation is, your inner light is never dimmed. The Tower and Hermit says that every ending is also a new beginning- be patient and things will heal.

The Star and Hermit:

With the Star and Hermit together, It is possible that you are deeply wishing upon something. Both cards are very spiritual and brings a lot of inner growth and insight. Whatever it is you are asking about- the Star shows a hopeful future, but the Hermit asks you to be patient. This is a good time to pay attention to your dreams and intuition.

The Moon and Hermit:

The Moon and Hermit shows a time where you are withdrawing yourself from the world, willingly or unwillingly. With the Moon, there are deep, repressed, possibly painful emotions that rise to the surface- the Hermit encourages you to pay attention to them.

Perhaps there are some people who doesn’t have very good intentions for you- trust your gut if this resonates. Overall, with the Moon and Hermit together- there is a lot of emotional healing to be done. You may also be interested in: The Moon and the Hermit (18/9) Birth Cards in Tarot

The Sun and Hermit:

The Sun is the card of ultimate happiness and satisfaction. When the Hermit clarifies it, you are deeply thinking about how to reach the Sun. When you draw the Sun and Hermit together- Let the Sun shine inside you first. When you find your happiness within, this will manifest into your reality as well. If you drew the Hermit card first- read here: The Hermit and Sun

The Judgement and Hermit:

There is a lot of soul searching here, possibly after a hard decision or a change. This is a very significant time for you and you need to assess your situation very carefully. Be honest to yourself and look at where you may have made mistakes in the past. Learn the lessons from them. With the Judgement and Hermit combination, you may also feel that you are being judged by others and therefore choosing to withdraw for a while. In health readings, this is a sign for you to pay more attention to your health.

The World and Hermit:

When the last card of the Major Arcana pairs with the Hermit, you are at the final stage of your journey. The Hermit shows a period of introspection where you will ponder upon what you have learned so far. This period may feel slow and frustrating for you, but with these two cards, everything will happen in its own time. Before you start something new, remember to meditate on it first. If you drew the Hermit card first- read here: The Hermit and World

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