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The Judgement Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Judgement card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card.

Is the Judgement card a yes or a no?

The Judgement card is a ''yes'' to a major life change. It mainly represents important decisions.

The Judgement Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards by

The Fool and Judgement:

The Fool card in Tarot represents an exciting new beginning for you, and the Judgement next to it points to a very important life decision. If you have a naïve and careless approach like the Fool, the Judgement asks you bring more seriousness into the situation. This major life change will require you to let go of the past and reevaluate your path- it is your rebirth. In love readings, the Fool and Judgement combination can suggest moving on from the past or reconciliation.

The Magician and Judgement:

The Magician shows that you have all the tools you need to manifest your intentions. You are faced with a major life change and your decisions and actions are shaping your direction. So be careful and think carefully before you take your next step. With the Judgement, something comes to an absolute end, you are being awakened to your true calling so you can start anew. The Magician and Judgement combination in a love reading can indicate a great moment of realization, followed by a big change in your love life.

The High Priestess and Judgement:

This tarot combination mainly represents a major life change that triggers your awakening. Things that are hidden from you (the High Priestess) is finally coming to light (the Judgement). Trust your intuition if you feel confused or uncertain. The High Priestess and Judgement in a love reading shows that you will have a moment of realization about your connection, and you will need to make an important decision moving forward.

The Empress and Judgement:

The Judgement is a period of rebirth in your life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With the Empress, this change is most likely happening in your home, family or love life. Some things during this time may reach an end and there can be major beginnings as well, in any case with the Judgement, you will need to make important decisions for your future. The Empress and Judgement shows significant feelings. They are evaluating this connection seriously, however, they may need time to let go of their unresolved past issues first.

The Emperor and Judgement:

This combination suggests that you will need to take your stability and security more seriously. The Emperor and Judgement shows a time where you are taking important decisions about your work, family, relationship or finances. You may realize your true calling during the Judgement moment. There can be ups and downs, endings and new beginnings with this card- but in any case, you should not fear or resist change.

The Hierophant and Judgement:

The Hierophant is the card of tradition, authority, commitment and wisdom- and the Judgement brings a major life change to these areas. Your commitments, beliefs and values may go through a reevaluation during the Hierophant and Judgement moment. It can mean a spiritual awakening for you. In a love reading, this combination brings important decisions about marriages or serious relationships whether it is an ending or a new beginning.

The Lovers and Judgement:

The Lovers mainly talks about falling in love, being united, finding your soulmate. If your reading is not about relationships, it can represent a crossroads in your life. In any case, you are faced with a major life change. This change will push you to completely let go of the past so you can start anew. Relationships go through a time of reevaluation. The Lovers and Judgement as feelings can show someone who wants to make a serious decision about this connection. This combination can also bring reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Chariot and Judgement:

The Chariot shows someone who is determined to reach their destination, in this case, the destination is the Judgement. This is a moment of renewal and awakening in your life. During this time, you may choose to make major changes on your mental, emotional and physical health. You may also need to reevaluate your decisions and perhaps change your plans. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen the way you want. Rid yourself from the burdens of the past so you can move forward freely.

The Strength and Judgement:

The Judgement represents a major life change or a decision in the future/outcome position. Let your intuition and inner strength guide you through rough times. When you draw the Strength and Judgement together, have courage to change the things you can, and accept the things you can’t change.

The Hermit and Judgement:

This tarot combination signifies a time of introspection that leads to a major awakening. During the Hermit and Judgement moment, you may have an important realization or decision that will change your life. Trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

The Wheel of Fortune and Judgement:

The Wheel of Fortune says ‘’What goes around comes around’’, and the Judgement is that moment of awakening. Both cards are agents of karma in Tarot, and they both symbolize a major turnaround moment in your life. You may not have so much control over the situations that these cards talk about. In love readings, the Wheel of Fortune and Judgement together may symbolize both endings and beginnings. So trust that the universe has bigger plans for you. This is not a time to dwell on the past, focus on the future. During this time, you may have an ‘’aha!’’ moment- follow your instinct.

The Justice and Judgement:

During this time, you are most likely faced with an important judgement. It can be about your commitments, contracts and legal matters. Both cards advise you to act with dignity and truth- scales will balance in the end. If you had been treated unfairly, for example, the Judgement in the future/clarification position brings resolution. In love readings, the Justice and Judgement together can bring truths to the surface and ask you to make an important decision. Healthy relationships can get stronger and more serious, but unhealthy attachments may dissolve.

The Hanged Man and Judgement:

After the long slumber of the Hanged Man, comes a time of awakening with the Judgement. There is a very important message here: Reevalute your life. Change your mindset and direction, leave behind whatever is blocking you. With the Hanged Man there is some resistance to change, and the Judgement here is a wakeup call. With this combination, you shouldn’t avoid making important decisions about your future. There can also be some self sacrifice involved with the Hanged Man.

The Death and Judgement:

Both cards represent a cycle of rebirth. After a difficult and painful ending (the Death), comes a time of awakening (the Judgement). Whether you are in the ending or beginning stage of this significant journey, the advice here is to not resist change. There can be a lot of deep soul searching during this time. Take your time to heal and when you are ready, reevaluate your next course of action. The Death and Judgement as feelings shows someone who is trying to leave their past wounds behind.

The Temperance and Judgement:

Temperance and Judgement together advises you to find your inner balance. Your awakening starts from healing your old wounds and making healthy decisions for your future. Then, when you are faced with inevitable changes, accept them, instead of resisting. Alternatively, the Temperance and Judgement combination can represent reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Devil and Judgement:

The Devil mainly represents unhealthy attachments, and the Judgement in the future/outcome position is a ‘’wake up call’’ in your life that will push you to release everything that is no longer serving you. The Devil situation is something that gets you addicted and drains your energy. This can be about your relationships, work, finances or health. In any case, with the Judgement ahead, you need to reevaluate your life and make important decisions. This period of change may be difficult for you, but it is necessary in the long run.

The Tower and Judgement:

The Tower and Judgement together represents a difficult change in life that is beyond our control. This moment faces us with our fears, leaves no stone unturned, asks us to leave the past behind and start over again. For example, in a love reading, the Tower and Judgement combination may often symbolize separation. In any case, it is important that you take your time to seriously reevaluate your path right now. Learn from the past and accept responsibility for your life. With the Judgement, a new chapter is coming.

The Star and Judgement:

This tarot combination signify an awakening of the heart, mind and soul. When the Judgement card comes after the Star in the outcome/clarification position, some things may not happen the way you wish them to be. The Judgement card brings a major life change, but some old chapters need to end first. You may need to reevaluate your desires and needs, but this period of introspection is necessary for you to find your true path.

The Moon and Judgement:

The Sun and Judgement:

Reaching clarity (the Sun) and absolution (the Judgement). The Sun is the most positive card of Tarot, even when it is followed by a heavy card like the Judgement. During this time, you may face with important decisions and perhaps difficult truths, but it is all a part of your awakening. With the Sun and Judgement, it is a time of reevaluation. You may discover a lot of about yourself and others.

The World and Judgement:

Both the World and Judgement symbolize conclusion. You are ending a chapter and beginning a new one. This journey can be internal, spiritually or external in your work, relationships, etc. In any case, the Judgement in the outcome/clarification position indicates that there are important decisions ahead- you need to have a serious plan moving forward.

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