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THE SUN Tarot Combinations With All Major Arcana Cards

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Sun card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card.

The Sun tarot combinations

The Fool and Sun Tarot Combination:

Fool and Sun together generally shows a desire to jump into something completely new- whether it is a new relationship or a job, etc.. This energy fills you with optimism and hope about the future, and you want to act quick. But these cards also come with an underlying message of “be careful, you still have a lot to learn.”

The Magician and Sun Tarot Combination:

Starting something new and positive. It is an encouraging message, because the Magician shows that you have the willpower and talents you need in order to reach the happy outcome you desire, which is represented by the Sun. The Magician and Sun as feelings often represents a very charming, independent partner and a lot of sexual chemistry, but since the Magician card is also known as the master of illusion, in some cases their affection may be ingenuine.

The High Priestess and Sun Tarot Combination:

With High Priestess in your reading, your situation may have a hidden/secretive aspect to it, but fortunately the Sun brings clarity to things you can’t see. And if you feel unable to make a choice or confused in some way, trust your intuition. The High Priestess and Sun as feelings may indicate two very different personalities subconsciously being attracted to each other, like the Sun and Moon. However, there is a need to be aware of secrecy in the relationship.

The Empress and Sun Tarot Combination:

This is a very positive combination to receive to any question! Together they commonly represent a blossoming new chapter, general wellbeing, fertility, pregnancy and abundance. It can also mean positive influence of an Empress type person in your life. The Empress and Sun as feelings shows a desire to create something significant together- building a home, having kids, etc.

The Emperor and Sun Tarot Combination:

Together these cards suggest a road to building solid foundations,finding your happiness through taking consistent action, chasing your goals and taking initative. It is an especially positive combination for work and money related readings. The Emperor in love readings is not the most romantic card, and both cards have quite strong egos that may clash. However as feelings, there is a lot of attraction and instinct to protect. It can also mean building an ‘’empire” together.

The Hierophant and Sun Tarot Combination:

Enlightenment, reaching wisdom, finding happiness through tradition or religion, higher education or marriage. This combination can also represent a partnership or a relationship which is rooted in conformity, which can be a restricting thing in some cases. The Hierophant and Sun as feelings shows a desire to solidify the connection and build something long lasting.

The Lovers and Sun Tarot Combination:

These are very positive cards to receive, representing joyful union, vitality, blossoming new love, pregnancy, marriage, growth and abundance.The Sun also shines its light and brings clarity to any decision/dilemma you may be facing. The Lovers and Sun as feelings can be described as an heaven-sent infatutation.

The Chariot and Sun Tarot Combination:

Chariot's journey to the Sun is about carving your path to success and happiness through consistent action and self discipline. You know exactly what you want and you are willing to work hard to achieve it. This combination shows that you will reach the desired outcome even though there may be some obstacles ahead. The Chariot and Sun as feelings shows a desire to win you over/come closer to you.

The Strength and Sun Tarot Combination:

Theme here is courage! This combination gives you clarity on your purpose and how to achieve it. If you had been hesitating or afraid, it is a clear sign to start believing in yourself and take a bold step towards your goal.

The Hermit and Sun Tarot Combination:

Both cards have a theme of illumination, in this case it is focused towards finding your inner happiness. If you had been confused regards to your question, this combination encourages you to take a step back, declutter your mind and space first before taking any action. If you are in a period of loneliness or waiting, these are the final stages. The Hermit and Sun as feelings shows that they see you as a beacon of hope and light, but they may initially hesitate to express their feelings.

The Wheel of Fortune and Sun Tarot Combination:

The Sun is shining above you, stars are aligned, you are in luck! This combination mainly represents a favorable turn of events in whatever it is you are dealing with. Universe has plans for you, it is a time to go with the flow.

The Justice and Sun Tarot Combination:

Justice tarot card is about getting exactly what you deserve, and the Sun in your reading brings new clarity to this situation for a fair outcome. This could be about a legal matter, contract or marriage (Since marriage is also a contract).

The Hanged Man and Sun Tarot Combination:

After a period of stagnation and confusion, (the Hanged Man) you can finally see your next step clearly (the Sun). However, you may need to sacrifice something or change your perspective entirely in order to move forward. the Hanged Man and Sun as feelings shows that they may feel suspended in their life for some reason, or unable to make a decision about this connection at first, but regardless they are drawn to you.

The Death and Sun Tarot Combination:

If you look at the Death card closely, you will see that the Sun is setting on the right. But the Sun is rising as your next card, which means that this combination represents a significant rebirth in your life. This is a clear sign that after a painful time of loss or endings, you will rise again and find your happiness.

The Temperance and Sun Tarot Combination:

You will find the right balance that you are seeking. Moderation is also important here, so if you are asking about a decision, use both your heart and logic. The Temperance and Sun as feelings represent a desire to merge together and create a sexual alchemy. This is a deep, soul level connection. Both of these cards may also symbolize childbirth.

The Devil and Sun Tarot Combination:

Whatever is dark and negative in your life, is illuminated by the Sun’s light. Now you can see clearly how you can break your shackles and reach freedom. However, this combination could also mean receiving pleasure from something addictive and unhealthy for you- so beware of any dependencies or unhealthy obsessions. The Devil and Sun as feelings shows a very intense, perhaps obsessive sexual attraction, they feel bounded to you.

The Tower and Sun Tarot Combination:

The Tower represents a period of life altering events that shake us to our core. When it is followed by the Sun, it may represent an end to this struggle, and starting anew. So if you are still in the Tower phase at this time, don’t lose your hope. With the Sun, future is looking bright.

The Star and Sun Tarot Combination:

Star and Sun together represents peace, hope and wish fulfillment. Dream big, trust in your intuition and your connection to the divine- Anything is possible. As feelings, the Star and Sun may symbolize a genuine love, they may see you as their soulmate.

The Moon and Sun Tarot Combination:

These are two opposing cards, like day and night- Moon is subconscious, Sun is the ego. With the Moon card, emotions are heightened and it may feel like walking in a fog. Fortunately, the Sun clears your path, which will help you build more self awareness. But in order to reach this clarity, you need to bring your subconscious patterns into the light- fears, desires, etc.

The Judgement and Sun Tarot Combination:

Message here is awakening and revelation. Like a lightbulb going off in your head- all the things that were kept in the dark are now out in the Sun. Something in your life reaches its conclusion and you need to fully come to terms with it in order to move forward. With the Judgement, a very significant life decision is to be made, and the Sun encourages you to think carefully.

The World and Sun Tarot Combination:

When the last card of Major Arcana meets with the Sun, a satisfying outcome is indicated. You begin a new chapter- filled with optimism, abundance and hope. This is definitely a good time to explore different opportunities, travel, and start something new. The World and Sun as feelings represents feeling whole together. You definitely have their attention, and they may start orbiting around you!

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